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Keep them busy on the go!

With two very talkative children a 30 min car ride can test the limits of sanity. I’ve founds a few games that the kids love. They keep them occupied and working together. IPad free and interactive! Your welcome.

  1. Car bingo! Great game for both long and short car rides. My kids love this game even for a quick ride to school.

  2. Carpool chaos - this is a great game for longer trips. It has a variety of games to keep kids and adults interested.

  3. I spy- great version which keeps kids engaged and even utilizes their sensory skills.

  4. Mini magnetic board games- such a fun idea to bring your favorite board games with you! These mini magnetic games makes it easy and compact to travel with. Tic Tac is a personal favorite of my kids.

  5. Brain Quest - Another personal favorite of mine. Their flash cards are easy to take on the go with a variety of topics and grade appropriate options. The kids have a great time while reinforcing and building the skills they use in school.

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