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Chronicles of the multitasking mom

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

If I could focus on one single thing, one small check mark on my neatly organized to do list, maybe I would have a better handle on things. Instead I find myself doing pick ups and drop offs, luxury mommy car service at its finest. Let’s fit that into a full time corporate job and mom’s running on coffee and the little sleep you get with a teething baby. But I am mom and the beautiful thing about being a mother is watching your children’s excitement when you're there at pick up, karate practice, school functions and the 100 other things that is jammed into their day. Am I going to be at everything? Probably not. Will I do my best? Absolutely!

Rules of survival, especially when they outnumber you.

1. Schedule. An oldie but goodie in my survival kit. We have a family calendar that is shared. Work hours, after school activities, birthdays, everything is there and updated in real time. I recently downloaded an app called FamilyWall which lets me synch our calendars and other functions. It’s helped me keep everyone on track and plan our week efficiently. It’s a little on the pricey side for an app but well worth in my opinion.

2. Something’s got to give. Pick your priorities because although we want to do it all and we certainly try, something’s going to suffer because we can’t do it all. It’s a hard realization especially for someone like me. I want to do everything, have it all, but me exhausted and stressed out isn’t the me that I want to give my kids. If that means that we won’t be having an organic three course gourmet meal but take out once in a while that’s ok. A less exhausted me can have movie night or read a book and is an overall nicer person.

3. Superheroes have sidekicks too! - Life can be difficult especially when your racing against the clock. Asking for help isn’t a sign of defeat, it’s the secret weapon we need to use more often. Whoever that sidekick may be, it’s important to lean on someone for support. Holding the weight of the world on your shoulders is like kryptonite. There is strength in numbers and it’s the key in balancing my personal and professional life.

In truth this chronicle is yet to be finished and each chapter is different for each of us. There is peace in knowing that we as heroines are not alone.

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